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Restoring this generation

back to their fullest potential through film, arts, media and entertainment. 

Former R-rated lyrics

are now aired and glorified on radio stations and graphic images and adult situations are at the center of both teenage sitcoms and reality television. Messages through media have become a source of advice and a guide to living - normalizing the very issues our culture is struggling to overcome,



  1. Their true potential is being hidden due to the increase and normalization of degrading values, social norms in media and, broken homes and communities. 

  2. The demoralization and normalization of morals and values in the media is a pervasive, worldwide and systemic issue. 

  3. They are suffering from a lack of positive guidance and getting life's answers from detrimental sources


The Truth in Chaos Foundation 

educates underserved teens, families and communities to resist harmful, degrading and detrimental influences from home, culture or media to embrace their full purpose, identity and potential on Earth


The mission of The Restoration House provides a safe place for the renewal, discovery and enlightenment of this present generation to restore the body and Bride of Christ back to their original destiny

A 7-month film curriculum for schools, community centers and programs  to engage students in critical-thinking, improve their wise decision and transform their minds. Topics include relationships, violence and gangs, career/college/future goals, suicide, abortion, identity, morals/values, sexual identity and violence.

NOW: student film program

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union city christian coworking

The Truth in Chaos Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 by Keilah Johnson.


After traveling to New York City for a public radio internship - Johnson noticed how underserved youth, especially those in urban environments, were largely affected by their environment and media influences. 


Three observations Johnson specifically noted during her stay were that

  1. Youth were not aware of their worth and value and in response behaved irresponsibly

  2.  Youth were begging for quality attention from whoever and whatever; and

  3. There was a lack of truth that offered a way “out” or a source of hope for both youth and adults. 

After returning back fro her intership, Johnson recreated her major to fit what she observed and started an after-school program for her local high school in the small college town.


Still that wasn't enough. Johnson went on to graduate from her school but still found that her first job at a PR Agency was not a fit for the passion created inside of her from that summer in New York. Eventually, Johnson made the tough but prayerful decision to resign from her 9-5 and start this organization off of faith. 


Truth in Chaos was created to become more than a reactive organization, but sees their preventive and proactive work to restore this generation as an approach to reverse societal cycles and curses in our underserved minority Latino and African-American communities. 

Truth in Chaos, Inc. is a Registered 501(c)3 Organization

EIN: 46-5385967

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